Kyokushin Sonoda Karate Open Championships

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Saturday, April 6th, 2024
At the
Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua

One Positive Place, Nashua, New Hampshire 03060

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70 Kilos & under (154 lbs. & under)
Saturday April 6 at Tournament Site 8 AM - 10 AM Lightweight
60 Kilos & under (132 lbs. & under)
80 Kilos & under (176 lbs. & under)
Over 60 Kilos (132 lbs. & Over)
90 Kilos & under (198 lbs. & under)
Masters (35 years & older)
Super Heavyweight
Over 90 Kilos & Over (199 lbs. & Over)


BY: 11:00 AM SHARP
Saturday April 6, 2024
Masters (35 years & older)
90 Kilos & under (198 lbs. & under)
Over 90 Kilos & Over (199 lbs. & Over)

*Note: The Tournament Director reserves the right to combine or alter any divisions.

Protective Equipment

No Head, Hand, Shin or insept and foot protection is permitted.
Groin Protector (Male, and Mouthpiece are OPTIONAL. (Over 18 Only)
No Taping or bracing of hands and/or feet is permitted during the first round of competition.

After the first round, taping must meet approval by the head referee BEFORE the round begins.

Legal Techniques

All karate techniques, other than those outlined in (Illegal Techniques) are permitted. This will include full contact kicks and knees to the head, legs and torso. Legs kicks and sweeps designed to take down the opponent must be followed up immediately with a non-contract karate technique.

Illegal Techniques

Illegal techniques consist of any hand, elbow or head strikes to the opponent's head, face or neck areas. Kicks to the groin, front of the knee joints and spinal area are not permitted. Grabbing with the hands or excessive running out of bounds, to escape the opponent, may result in points being deducted or disqualification. Two (2) Warnings for the same violation will result in a 1/2 point deduction.

No strikes (hand techniques or punches) to the back of the head.

Match Time Limit

Each match will be monitored by a stopwatch. Each match will last (2) minutes. Overtime rounds if necessary, will also be (2) minutes in duration. (See scoring)


One (1) full point wins the match! Any hand, elbow or kicking technique that makes contact to the opponent and stuns the opponent momentarily or causes the opponent's hand or any part of their body to touch the floor, will be scored 1/2 point.

A leg sweep that causes the opponent to fall to the mat must be immediately followed up with a well-focused non-contact punch or kick and will be awarded 1/2 point. If an opponent is unable to continue within the standard 5-second count administered by the head referee and corners judges, the contest will be declared a knockout with the winner receiving 1 point and the match. If no points are scored during the match, the judges may award the match to an opponent based on "Spirit" or technical Excellence that is demonstrated by one of the competitors. A competitor who has scored at least 1/2 point at the end of the match may be declared the Winner.


The Judging staff will consist of a head Referee and (4) corners Judges located in the fighting area. There will be a Timekeeper and a Scorekeeper.

The Head Referee is the supreme arbitrator of any and all questions pertaining to the interpretation of the rules or conflicts that may arise during the competition.

NOTE: Any competitor acting in an unsportsmanlike manner will automatically be disqualified from the contest. Use of intentional illegal techniques shall be considered evidence of unsportsmanlike behavior.

2024 Semi-Contact Fighting General Rules = NOTE: Semi-Contact is full power striking with padded protection.


There will be a demonstration of legal and illegal techniques prior to the beginning of any matches. Each match will last 2 minutes without stopping, and is won by a single point (ippon), which is awarded within 5 seconds. A half point (wasa ari) can be awarded for a technique that momentarily stuns the opponent. If no point is awarded during the 2 minute round, the center referee and corner judges can decide upon a or send the fight into an overtime round.

  1. Uniforms: All competitors will wear clean well maintained traditional uniform of their style. Boxers / Kick Boxers must wear a tank or T style shirt.
  2. Mandatory Protective Equipment: All competitors are required to wear the following gear unless otherwise indicated. No taping for first round. Medical staff must sign taping for later rounds. Hand gear must have at least 3/4 inch padding or more over the knuckles.Cloth gloves with forearms (allowed) under approval by the organization.No palm grips allowed soft or hard.MMA style glove is acceptable. Shin and Instep(Cloth or Vinyl). Head gear (Mandatory for all divisions). Mouth guard (Mandatory for all divisions). Groin cup(Mandatory for all competitors).No chest protection in 15 and older divisions.(Females 15 & older May wear padded bra with plastic cups. Breast protection may not cover abdomen).

Note: Chest Protectors will be mandatory for Children 14 years old and under.

Match Time Limit

The duration of each match shall be two minutes with a maximum of 2-minute extension in the event of tie/draw.


Divisions will be determined after all fighter registrations have been completed at the discretion of the tournament director.

Legal Techniques

Include any leg techniques(kicks, knee strikes, etc.) to the legs and to the body which include the chest, ribs, kidneys and abdomen area and any hand techniques
(fist, elbows) to the body.

Sweeps are allowed when followed a non-contact technique to scores half point. Brown/Black Belt "junior" Divisions ONLY.

Kicks to the head WILL BE permitted in the 15 years old and over unless agreed upon in advance for the safety of the fighters.

Illegal Techniques

Attacks to the groin.
Attacks to the face, base of the neck or spine areas.
Attacks to the head with the hands, arms or elbows.
Grabbing or holding.
Kicks directly to the knees.
Kicks to the head other than the specified divisions listed above.
Excessive out of bounds. (Out of the ring).
Striking an opponent when they are down.

Kicks to the head WILL NOT BE permitted for 14 years old and under White-Yellow Adult Divisions.

Warnings / Fools / Disqualifications

The head referee may issue a warning for a minor infringement of the rules.

2 warnings for the same violation will result in a penalty/foul and a deduction in the judges scoring. A disqualification, however, may be issued at any time during the match for unsportsmanlike conduct, and/ or obvious disregard for the rules.

Head Referee's decision is FINAL!

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PHONE: (603) 921-4904

My fellow Shihan, Sensei, Senpei:

This is our 2nd Kyokushinkaikan Sonoda Tournament in the USA for which we are inviting everyone that would like to come and participate.

This Tournament will future:

Full Contact - Semi Contact - Kata - Weapon Kata - Tameshiwari (Breaking)

Hotels near the event

Hampton inn, Nashua 407 Amherst St. Nashua 03063 Kevin walker (603) 883-5333
DoubleTree Hilton, Nashua 2 Somerset Pkwy, Nashua, NH 03063 Karen Carlisle (603) 886-1200
Sheraton Nashua 11 Tera Boulevard, Nashua, NH 03062 Steve Lambert (603) 888-9970
Homewood Suites 15 Tera Boulevard, Nashua, NH 03062 Adam J. Robitaille (603) 546-7470
Holiday inn, Express 9 Northeastern Blvd, Nashua, NH 03062 Antonio Coelho (888) 389-4121
Clarion inn 10 St Laurent St, Nashua, NH 03064 Jay Martell (603) 883-7700
Motel 6 2 Progress Ave, Nashua, NH, 03062 Anne Cordeiro (603) 889-4151

Although this Tournament is open to other styles. Kyokushin Kaikan competition Rules will apply. Please see attached set of Rules including Mandatory and Optional gear.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to arrange Hotel Discount rates, but the following are the hotels nearby the event.


  • 1 The material to be used for the breaking competition shall be boards of pin 3/4" inch thick, ( 1.9 centimeters),
    12 inches long (30-1/2" centimeters).
    10 inches wide (25-1/2" centimeters ).

    The referees shall check whether the material corresponds to the standards set by the international karatedo organization Kyokushinkaikan sonoda
  • 2 Each competitor shall use four techniques in the breaking competition, SEIKEN (fore-fist), SOKUTO (knife-foot), Enpi (elbow), and SHUTO (knife-hand), in this order. The total number of broken boards will be the base on which "Decision by TAMESHIWARI" will be made.
  • 3 The boards for the breaking competition must be placed across the top of two stable blocks set at designated place.
  • 4 Each competitor must brake a minimum of three boards. However, he may attempt to break as many boards as he likes.
  • 5 The cloth on top of the boards shall be checked by the referee, and placed on the board by assistants.
  • 6 The competitors are not allowed to touch or move the boards and the blocks. However they are allowed to measure the distance.
  • 7 The breaking is approved of only when the boards are completely broken into two pieces by the first attack. If they are only half broken it will be regarded as failure (SHIPPAI).
  • 8 In case of SHIPPAI (Failure) the competitor is allowed to try again, but the number of boards is limited to only three boards.
  • 9 If the competitor fails at the second attempt as well, the score will be 0 (zero).
  • 10 The TAMESHIWARI competition will be held according to the referee's instructions. The time limit for the breaking is two minutes. Overtime is considered as SHIPPAI.
  • 11 After each breaking, the competitors shall move up two settings counter clockwise.